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There is a story I have heard, about a father raising two kids, who were about 9 and 11 years old.  One day the kids came to ask dad if they could see an R-rated movie at the theater, knowing that the rule was “no R-rated movies for anyone under 17.”  However, they were dying to see this particular movie, and tried to circumvent the house rule by rationalizing that the movie they wanted to see only had a little bit of violence and a little bit of nudity.  Other than that, it was a perfectly appropriate movie for them.

The dad agreed to think about it, promising a decision the next day after school.  So, when the kids arrived home the next day, hoping that dad would see the merits of their argument, they were heartened to see that he had baked a pan of fresh brownies for them.  “He must be in a good mood,” they murmured to each other.

The three sat down, and dad doled out brownies. 

“Have you thought about letting us go to the movie?” asked the older sibling. 

“I have,” he replied, “but first I’d like to tell you about these brownies.”

By now, each of his children had a brownie on a plate, with a tall glass of cold milk, but before they could take a bite, dad continued.  “You see, these brownies, which I made for you as a snack, only have a little dog poop from the back yard in the batter.  Only a little.  The rest is pure brownie.  Eat up!”

Of course, his point was that even a little bit of (fill in the blank here) is unacceptable.

That is the best way for me to describe how I feel about hydrogenated oil, high fructose corn syrup and artificial coloring in my food.  My enemy number one is the hydrogenated oil.  There just isn’t any need for it in anything we eat.  Food manufacturers put it there to lower cost and extend shelf life on their products.  High fructose corn syrup is a “natural” sweetener, which doesn’t trigger your brain to recognize when you are full.  So, eating a whole sleeve of Chips Ahoy cookies in one sitting seems perfectly reasonable.  And artificial colors…I mean, where do they come from?  And what about the connection to behavioral problems?

I am not a dietician, or a doctor, or even an organic farmer.  I am a mom with a desire to provide the world with gourmet, wholesome snacks.  The idea came to me when I had my first baby.  I was swamped twenty-five hours a day and underwhelmed by the selection of “baby foods” offered on the grocery store shelves.  The ingredient lists were…troubling to say the least.  I created a line of gourmet cookies, brownies, scones and biscuits, knowing that many people (including busy moms) would rejoice at discovering wholesome, easy and delicious treats to share with their families, with no mess to clean up! I vowed to create a line of products that was all-natural, containing no preservatives, nothing artificial and most importantly, NO HYDROGENATED OIL.

In 2005 I started kitchen witch.  My products are available at retail locations, over the Internet, and direct to local customers.  In the summer of 2008, I opened an Etsy shop, with ready-to-consume versions of my products, plus some additional fun things like Creme-Filled Chocolate Cupcakes, Whoopie Pies and Vanilla Marshmallows.  All completely natural, preservative free, with no hydrogenated oil.  But the best news is, everything is delicious and convenient.

I love food, talking about food, writing about food and most of all, consuming food!  I hope that you’ll join me here.  Oh, yeah, and check out my two websites, listed over there on the right!

How easy is this?

How easy is this?

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