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I’m baking for Paula Deen, y’all!

September 24, 2009

I am up early to tackle my latest opportunity.  Today Paula Deen will be visiting my daughter’s school to talk to the students about her Cookbook for the Lunch-Box Set, and I have been asked by the school to bring some kitchen witch treats to the reception for her.  I am thrilled to be able to do so, not only because Paula Deen will be on hand, but because I really do enjoy sharing my goodies with the world.  In this case, the K-5 world!

Here is what I have decided to provide for Ms. Deen as well as all the teachers, staff, administrators, and PTO volunteers who will be on hand.

Scones.  Of course, scones.  These are the best scones anyone will ever taste.  Perhaps that’s because I bake them fresh, which means they are moist and tender, instead of dry and stale like most scones available at cafes and grocery stores.  But, my combination of add-ins are also fun and mouthwatering (apricot ginger, with just a little kick from the ginger; cherry almond, which has vanilla in the dough to heighten the experience; oatmeal raisin, with a dusting of cinnamon sugar on the top for a unique crunch.)

These beauties are bound to be crowd pleasers

These beauties are bound to be crowd pleasers


And in looking for a real showstopper, I decided to revisit the mini whoopie pies that I sampled back in June at the University of Pennsylvania showcase event.  They are unique and beautiful, not to mention extremely tasty.  Plus, the whoopie pie was “discovered” just down the road in Lancaster County, PA, so it’s a bit of an homage to serve it.

Two moist dark chocolate cakes surround a light vanilla creme filling.

Two moist dark chocolate cakes surround a light vanilla creme filling.

 And finally cookies.  I have many great cookies that I could bring, but I wanted something unique. The whoopie pies have the chocolate angle covered (along with the sweet cream chocolate chip scones), so I decided that my Oatmeal Cookie would be a perfect choice.  It’s chewy and delicious, with a hint on cinnamon. A nice break from the omnipresent chocolate chip cookie.

oatmeal photo

These are comfort food in a cookie.

In related and also very exciting news, kitchen witch has been invited to become a vendor for a wonderful online marketplace called  The folks at RegionalBest seek out artisanal food producers from around the country, selecting the best products in each category to sell on their site.  I’m proud to say that you can now purchase my Whoopie Pies and Vanilla Marshmallows, as well as my frozen scones, biscuits and cookies on their site.  In a cool twist, they will be featuring my cookies in a slice-and-bake form, which will allow me to also feature the best Sugar Cookies in the world.
Wish me luck today.  I think it’s going to be a lot of fun!  And if you aren’t at school to meet Paula Deen and try some of my treats, swing over to and see what they’ve got cooking.  I think you will be impressed.
(Updated 9/24/09: I had the extraordinary pleasure of meeting Ms. Paula Deen herself today.  What a gracious, beautiful lady.  It was fun to chat with her about her appearance on Oprah, her own whoopie pie recipe (she calls them “chocolate gobs”), and her affinity for mom-run businesses.  She made a fuss over my baked goods, too, and for that I couldn’t be more grateful.  All in all a great day!)

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