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kitchen witch goes to college

June 4, 2009

University, to be accurate. 

kitchen witch has been invited to participate in a Showcase Event at the University of Pennsylvania tonight.  The purpose of the event is to connect meeting and event planners with the venue at UPenn (Perelman Quadrangle) as well as caterers, rental companies and moi!  So if you want to host a corporate event there, and need whoopie pies to keep the peep’s attention, you might call moi!  Or if you’re planning a lavish birthday party and need personal mini-cupcakes for all your swanky guests, you would definitely call moi!

It boils down to exposure.  For the price of several hundred sample-sized cookies, cupcakes and whoopie pies, I have the chance to meet and mingle with potential customers, corporate, retail and private.

For tonight’s event I have these:

peanut butter cookies

peanut butter cup cookies












and these:


oatmeal cookies

oatmeal cookies
















and these:


mini whoopie pies

mini whoopie pies











as well as lots and lots of these:


mini creme filled, ganache covered chocolate cupcakes
mini creme filled, ganache covered chocolate cupcakes
















kitchen witch will be the first vendor that attendees are directed to after registration.  Which means I have to talk people into having their dessert first. 

I can’t decide whether that will be the easiest thing I do all night, or the hardest!

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